Child's "KEY 2 LIFE" Medi-Band


Price $39.95

100% waterproof with a "hidden" chip securely tucked inside a pouch on the underside, it will NEVER be overlooked by the EMT's or Doctors due to the Star of Life logo embroidered on the band. Adjustable for children from 1 year old to late teens, the Medi-Band is the compliment to the Adult's Web Band. What better way to protect your child in an emergency situation then to have all their medical issues, allergies, medications, illnesses, doctor contacts, emergency contacts and most of all a"MEDICAL RELEASE FOR TREATMENT OF A MINOR" in the absence of a parent or legal guardian.

***Qualifies for Insurance Reimbursement you need a note from your Doctor Stating this is a medical necessity, you then submit that and a copy of your receipt to your insurance company.

Model: NE1910-child